• Havenly

    $50 off a full interior design package from Havenly. Click the link below to be directed to their site. No code necessary.

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  • East Perry

    East Perry: organic sheepskin SAVE 10% with discount applied at checkout by using link.

    Podcast Episode #89

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  • Tooth Care

    Remineralizing Tooth Powder by Dr. Michelle. SAVE 10% using code UNWIND.

    Podcast Episode #73. Impacts Oral Health Can Have On Overall Health with Biologic/Holistic Dentist Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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  • Dorai Home

    Diatomaceous Earth, BATH STONE: SAVE 15% use code UNWIND
    Dorai Home products are made from Diomat (diatomaceous earth), an organic material that expels moisture as it hits the surface, helping prevent mold in the damp spaces of your home.

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  • Red Light - Joovv

    Joovv $50 off first purchase Discount Code UNWIND

    Podcast Episode #91

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  • PROMIX Protein Powder

    PROMIX Vegan Protein Powder - NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING! SAVE 10% using code UNWIND

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  • Grounding - Earthing Co.

    Grounding prodcuts from the Earthing Company SAVE 10% using Code UNWIND.

    Podcast Episode #78

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  • Gabb Wireless

    Gabb Phone for Kids, Connected + Protected, SAVE $25 using code UNWIND at checkout.

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  • Eye-ware - 3 in 1 artificial light protection

    3 in 1 artificial light protection. Reclaiming nature's dark/light cycles in 1 pair of glasses. VIVARAYS SAVE 15% using code UNWIND

    Podcast Episode #84

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I have become an affiliate for these companies (meaning I get a commission when you use the discount code). These are products/services I FIRST purchased on my own, find value in and want to share with you. Thank you for supporting me and my work, by purchasing through the link & using the discount code.