Awaken your Divine Feminine

Introducing a 7-week virtual, live experience where you will be gently guided through practices to connect with the Sacred through your Feminine Portals.

  • Connect more intimately with your intuition, creativity, and divine power (Shakti).
  • Expand your experiences of pleasure and peace from the inside out.
  • Deepen connection and true intimacy in your relationships.
  • Embrace a life rooted in love and self-acceptance.
  • Become more aware of the synchronicities and infinite possibilities around you.

Join The Summer Embodiment Experience

  • 7 weeks of powerful group sessions beginning June 2nd, 2024
  • The group meets virtually once a week
  • +option to join WhatsApp group
  • Investment: $750
  • $150 non-refundable deposit
  • Balance due 24 hrs prior to first session
Held in sacred space, this experience is intentionally held in a small, intimate group of 7 participants.
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Embrace the Essence of the Divine Feminine

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The concept of the Divine Feminine transcends mere gender boundaries.

It means embodying qualities of compassion, intuition, nurturing, and wisdom. It celebrates the interconnectedness of all beings and emphasizes the power of empathy and understanding. By connecting with your true essence through these Sacred Portals, you can access a balanced integration of both masculine and feminine energies, and cultivate a deeper connection within yourself and the world. Embracing the essence of the Divine Feminine through sacred practice has the power to unlock pathways to creativity, synchronicities, healing (wholeness), shakti, and profound transformation.

“I love the space Tisha holds, it is very deep and powerful.

a note from Tisha

I’m Tisha Weber, a soul on a journey of unwinding who I have been conditioned to be and reconnecting to my truth, pleasure, and peace from the inside out.

I welcome and embrace the dance between radical responsibility and infinite possibilities, allowing the divine feminine to live, breathe, and move through me authentically.

Through my struggles and triumphs, I have learned the transformative power of slowing down, listening to my inner voice, and embracing discomfort with compassion and curiosity.

I created the Sacred Portals experience through my own path of self-discovery and desire to further embody and share the divine feminine pathway.

By way of Divine serendipity, I discovered access to the feminine portals through a recommendation from my therapist. I was greeted by a beautiful teacher who helped me learn the practice of connecting to my body, my shakti, in a sacred, sensual, and empowering way. Connection to these sacred feminine portals has allowed me to deepen my consciousness, seeing the thoughts and patterns living in my subconscious, acknowledging and accepting these parts, and unraveling the layers of protection and false beliefs holding me back. I continue to use this practice to rebuild my connection to self, vulnerability, and wholeness each day.

The Sacred Portals is my unique offering as a guide for other women to navigate their inner worlds and journey to their authentic embodiment from the inside out. 

Unearth the roots of pain and protection, and rebuild from a foundation of trust, honesty, and self-love.

With each step we take towards unraveling our fears and limitations, we move closer to the true expression of our souls and the profound beauty that lies within. Which is an absolute necessity in this world we live in. Through all of my work, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that vulnerability and courage CAN intersect to illuminate the way toward authenticity and wholeness. We are never alone in our journey towards freedom and connection. And when we come together as women there is so much power in our wholeness.

have questions?

Tisha is an experienced leader with clear, concise


Why is being in a sacred space so important for this work?

Creating a sacred space is integral to our journey as we delve into the Sacred Portals. The group container is one of the most ancient and powerful spaces we hold as women. I call it “the magic in the field”. Creating this collective energy field allows for profound shifts on a somatic level. As we authentically feel, share, and allow our experiences within this potent group setting, we have the opportunity to alchemize our pain into power, purpose, and wisdom.

How long are the sessions?

Plan for each weekly session to be 1.5 to 2 hours long. Sundays June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd July 7th, 14th @ 8:00AM MST AND Monday July 1st @ 8:00AM MST. 

What is the practice?

In these sessions, I will lead you through practices involving breath, mantra, mudra, sound, gentle touch, etc. (tantra) to awaken and activate centers in the body that are connected to our Sacred Sexuality Feminine Portals.

Do I need to have any prior experience connecting to the Feminine Portals?

No prior experience is necessary! The practice is tailored to meet you where you currently are on your journey. While sharing with the group is encouraged, it is optional. You can engage with the recommended practices at your own pace and comfort level.

Will sessions be recorded?

This is a live, guided practice and you are encouraged to show up for as many in-person gatherings as possible. However, each session will be recorded and shared with the group afterward. Your commitment and engagement will amplify the energy and intention available to you, enhancing the activation of your transformative experience.

What is included in the course?

This 7-week course consists of weekly virtual meetings where you will be gently guided through practices to connect with your Feminine Portals. Each session offers the opportunity to share. The first two weeks will be practices focused on creating safety and grounding. For the remaining 5 weeks, you will be guided through each of the 5 portals.  You will be guided through the practice of connecting with your sacred feminine during each session, given the opportunity to share and ask questions, you will receive recordings from the guided practice to practice daily (or at your own pace) until our next weekly gathering. You will have the option to join in embodied conversation through WhatsApp.

I am the beloved I am my beloved.
I hold myself in love, love holds me in love. 
I birth myself, I am birthed. 
I am infinite, I am finite. 
I am all, I am nothing. I am body, I am soul. I am matter,
I am spirit, I am the both and, I am the all, I am no one, I am everyone,
I am one, I am the spiral, I am the circle, I am the infinite, I am the finite, I am source,
I am light, I am love, I am that I am, I am.

Sarah (Written from a transmission that came through while being held in this sacred space).